Thanos Blob and Ramp Blob: A Meta Breakdown

Thanos Blob and Ramp Blob are two powerful decks featuring the newest Marvel Snap card. Let’s take a closer look at them…

Marvel Snap Meta Tier List 12/15/23

CCGHub Marvel Snap Meta Tier List: 12/15/23 Welcome to this week’s CCGHub Marvel Snap Meta Tier List. Blob is here and the card has made a huge splash in the … Read more

Annihilus Darkhawk Bounce Is Marvel Snap’s New Best Deck

Loki has been dethroned (finally)! HowlingMines walks us through the new best deck in Marvel Snap — Annihilus Darkhawk Bounce.

December Tournament Prep with Dmoney

Let’s review the current Marvel Snap meta, and look at how the latest season will likely unfold in the December tournament scene!

12/5 Patch Review with Educated Collins

New Features Meta Analysis Tool — The Deck Builder Second Dinner is adding a way to create new decks through the automated Deck Builder. This tool can finish your deck … Read more

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